Here you can find Toboggan, an amusement ride, which offers you an unforgettable experience and of course the funicular, which takes you to the top of the mountain and opens an amazing panoramic view of the whole region. The first mountain sledge track in the South Caucasus - Toboggan, has to get one of the most favourite attractions for kids in both winter and summer seasons. 

Terms of Use

Toboggan carries a maximum of 2 riders

The front-seat sled driver controls the speed of a track 

Children under 5 are not permitted for safety reasons

Children from 5-10 years old: the accompanying person required

Youth from 10 years of age and a height of 1.40m:  no accompaniment required for the toboggan run

Keep your track within the speed limit when driving in fog

The sled run is only open when the weather is dry

Tickets are non-refundable and can be used at any time

The weight limit per sled is 130 kg

Rules of Safe Driving

It is forbidden to use the track by persons under the influence of alcohol

Control a toboggan rising in speed

Keep distance of 25 m from sledge ahead of you

Do not collide or run into the other sledges, any collision can include an administrative penalty

Do not stop while sliding

Riders need to wear safety belts at all sections of ride and slide

Follow the mountain stuff regulations!