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New life is being breathed into the resort of Kokhta after a 30-year pause-the resort was officially launched in 2016. A new, unprecedented model of cooperation between the state and the private sector in Georgia, this is how the Head of Government characterizes the 150 million investment jointly undertaken by the state and the private sector. This cooperation has effected a ski lift and roads built and renovated by the state, and GRDC, a private company, investing in the development of hotels, apartment hotels, shops, entertainment centers, and parking areas.

New ski lift was built by the Black Sea Group in the territory of Kokhta, and manufactured by Doppelmayr, a global leader in this industry, were installed at the resort:

Total length   - 1649 m

Capacity - 1800 p/hour

Bottom station - 1725 meters above level

Top station - 2157 meters above sea level

Currently the following types of ski pistes are available: intermediate and advanced. The total length of ski pistes is 3.1 km.