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As you know, traffic jams and solid waste management are a serious challenge for winter resorts. In order to improve traffic congestion, cleaning and other issues during the winter season, At the Prime Minister's instruction, the challenges were identified and ways of solving them were developed. They include the operation of both distribution and cleaning machines.

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The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia "Mountain Resorts Development Company" held a  meeting with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on the Economic Security Program.
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Subordinate to the Ministry of economy and sustainable development of Georgia , "Mountain Resorts Development Company" head Tazo Gamtsemlidze Speaks about 2023 freestyle ski and snowboard world Championship 
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Today on October 5’th early sales of the ski passes started in Tbilisi Mall and Axis Towers. The stand will be placed for two month and customers will be able to purchase 2 types of ski passes with with the discount.

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2023 წლის მსოფლიო ჩემპიონატისთვის ბაკურიანში, დიდველის მიმდებარე ტერიტორიაზე სამი ახალი საბაგირო აშენდება. მშენებლობას მსოფლიოში ერთ-ერთი წამყვანი ავსტრიულ-შვეიცარული კომპანია „დოპელმაიერ-გარავენტა ჯგუფი“ განახორციელებს.

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