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Ski Cross
Georgian Ski Federation and Mountain Resorts Development Company subordinated to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia were pleased to invite all Freestyle nations to attend the first FIS Race in Ski Cross in Bakuriani, Georgia on February the 16th and the 17th along Ladies and Men.

The process was led by international specialists: Klaus Waldner from Austria - the head of the road; Besee Girlando from France - the road builder and FIS delegate German Reinhard Rudolf Krampfl.

Ski Cross is the Olympic discipline since 2010. It combines skiing and snowboarding. This species is specially arranged and is required to have a track mounted with obstacles. The tournament is meant for simultaneous participation of four athletes who have to spend about one kilometer in minimum time. The spectacular and interesting competition is spectacular and requires maximum concentration of sportsmen and extraordinary physical training. 

Athletes from Georgia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, England and Australia participated in the competition.

This competition was the first step for the 2023 World Cup to be held in Georgia. According to the Georgian Skiing Federation, the successful conduct of ski cross in Bakuriani, Georgia's way of opening the way for other applicant countries to get an honorable place.