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Georgian-Austrian Tourism Forum
On November 30  2018, the first Georgian-Austrian Tourism Forum jointly organized by Advantage Austria – the Austrian Trade Commission and MRG – Mountain Resorts of Georgia took place in Tbilisi. In the event, 12 Austrian companies could present their expertise in tourism infrastructure and tourism know-how to Georgian authorities, companies and partners at Lolita Restaurant. Georg Karabaczek, the Austrian Trade Commissioner for Georgia, pointed out, that the focus of the event was to help Georgia develop their enormous potential in the tourism sector. With approximitaley 40 Mio. Tourists per year, Austria is the number 1 tourist destination per capita in the world, and therefore Austrian companies have a lot of experience that can also be beneficial for Georgia.

The official Georgian-Austrian Tourism Forum was followed by intensive B2B-Meetings of the 12 participating Austrian companies with interested Georgian authorities and companies. The Austrian Trade Commissioner Mr. Karabaczek pointed out that, more than 100 individual meetings took place after the Forum: “We hope that these meetings will have a fruitful outcome and that we can soon see how the tourism infrastructure in Georgia will be positively influenced by the Austrian companies!”. Information about the 12 participating companies can be found via