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Located at an elevation of 1861 m above sea level at the footsteps of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains, Didveli is an Alpine mountain ski resort and general sports/recreational destination in the heart of Bakuriani (Borjomi District). Due to its long winters (4-5 months), Didveli is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike. It is also a superb venue for children to learn how to ski and engage in other winter sports and activities. Tow ropes, ski-jumps, ski slopes, cross country skiing - Bakuriani has it all. There are 14 km of ski trails in total with 3 lifts and 1 funicular. There are 6 different trails catering to all levels of skier, from beginners to veterans. 22% of the slopes have snowmakers, which enables the resort to ensure a standard quality of snow on some runs. Didveli is an unforgettable place – there is nothing better than making it to the top of the funicular, breathing in the fresh, cool air, and seeing the long, enjoyable ride that lies ahead you. 

Bakuriani is one of the most important four season resorts in Georgia. People come throughout the year to enjoy the amazing views of the Caucasus Gorge; to wander through serene coniferous forests; to bask in the summer breeze; to ski, snowboard and hike; to go horseback riding and biking; and just to have an unforgettable time with family and friends. The resort is an ideal destination not only for recreational purposes but also for sport and nature lovers.

It can be said, that 1935 is the birthday of Bakuriani as a ski resort. On the 6th of January, the first ski school in the area was opened. In 1950, 45-meter and 47-meter-high ski jumps were built, which attracted numerous avid skiers. Today, Bakuriani is a 4-season resort town. It has modern infrastructure, including: several new hotels, ski lifts, a funicular, a cinema, a children’s park, and numerous other attractions. There is something fun for everyone in Bakuriani.