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Kids’ Park Didveli

Parent skiers can take to the hills while leaving their children to have fun in the safe environs of Entertainment Park. This park and playground are made of wood, making the area safe and healthy for children. Children can have fun playing in a15-meter-high play fortress with swings, zip lines and everything that a child’s hear desires. There is also an apparatus with three gondolas, a small train, wooden chairs, and much, much more! Here kids can enjoy the winter time. The main attraction of the park is a kids’ ski lift that runs up a small hill. It should also be noted that the park is fenced, making it safe for children. 

Looking for the perfect place for your children to have fun? Bring them to Kids’ Parl “Didveli” – it is a dream come true for any youngster. 

Park “Didveli” is not only open during the winter season – it is open year around, making it an excellent destination for your kids any time of the year. Parents can rest assured that their children will have a fantastic time if they go on a trip to Bakuriani. It is a safe place for kids to have fun and run around. Kids Park “Didveli” is always ready to offer you great attractions for a great time. 

Park “Joyland”

“joyland” Park was built in 2011. Inner tube rides are one of its specialties. The park has three zones: “Skiland”, “Tubingland”, and “Babyland”, as well as a bar and restaurant called “Enjoy”. “Joyland” is a recreational area for people of all ages. “Tubingland” is open both summer and winter; during the summer, the park uses an artificial slope to keep visitors entertained. During the winter (December 20th-April 1st), the park is open from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm. During the summer (May 1st-September 1st), the park is open from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm. “Joyland” is the perfect place for spending your leisure time. 

“Tubingland” is equipped with a 100-meter-long escalator made by an Austrian company. The escalator divides the area into two zones: “Skiland” and “Tubingland”, respectively. 

“Skiland” is an excellent ski area for beginner skiers. The slopes are 100 meters long and ski/snowboard equipment is available for people of all ages. “Skiland” also has trainers who offer individual and group ski/snowboard seasons. Rental equipment costs vary according to time: 1 hour for 15 GEL, 2 hours for 20 GEL, 4 hours for 25 GEL, and day long rentals for 30 GEL. Additionally, if you rent, you will also receive a lift ticket that lasts for the duration of your rental. Please note that rented skis can only be used on “Joyland” premises. 

“Babyland” offeres the entertaining attractions, “Rotondo”- soft and safe toys; a train made of wood; little houses for entertainment; swings; sand boxes; and confortable benches for parents to relax while their your ones play.