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Do you love to ski? Then Didveli is the destination for you. The ski resort is located in Bakuriani, which is 2.5 hours outside of Tbilisi. Didveli’s deep alpine runs speak for themselves – snow blankets for 4-5 months, attracting skiers time and time again. Didveli ski resort offers the highest standards of comfort and 14 km of slopes to get you going! Overall, Didveli is the perfect gateway for an enjoyable holiday. Whether you want intense runs or a relaxing time at the chalet, Didveli is the place to go!
Besides that, after so many years, Kokhta ski pistes are opened (December 27, 2015). 3,1 km of ski piste is perfect for intermediate and professional skiers. 1 bubble ski lift for 6 person with the middle station (1930 m) is totally new and is ready to accept its visitors. Bottom station of kokhta ski lift is 1740 m, as for the top station - it is 2180 m.
Perfectly done ski pistes on Didveli and Kokhta will make you feel endless pleasure. These places are worth of visiting and trying!